❯ Information

Java IP・𐏓 play.craftheaven.xyz

Bedrock IP・𐏓 pe.craftheaven.xyz | ・5566

Player Slots・𐏓 500

Status・𐏓 Online

❯ Features

❯ Rules

  1. Be respectful
  2. No inappropriate language
  3. Protect privacy
  4. No spam
  5. Avoid sensitive topics
  6. No personal attacks
  7. No hacking or cheating
  8. Have Fun !

❯ Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us:

Email: [email protected]



Q: How Do I play on the Crafters Heaven Minecraft Server ?

1. Open the Minecraft launcher and click "Play."

2. From the main menu, select "Multiplayer."

3. Click "Add Server" to open the server information form

4. Enter the IP address "play.craftheaven.xyz" in the "Server Address" box, then click "Done".

5. Once the connection is verified by Mojang session servers and available, the connection icon will turn green.

6. Click the "Join Server" button to play on Crafters Heaven and enjoy their latest updates and game modes.

Q: What Version Does Crafters Heaven Support ?

Crafters Heaven is compatible with Minecraft game version 1.20. However, please note that many Minecraft servers support both older and newer versions. For information on version compatibility, please refer to the Crafters Heaven Discord or Website.